Do I Need Any Special Equipment For Classes?2021-05-19T19:49:09-04:00

No, not at all. If you decide to join, we will give you a bag of equipment that you’ll use from that point on.

What Do I Wear To My First Class?2021-05-19T19:48:41-04:00

Like any type of workout class, wear your regular workout clothes. Most people feel more comfortable in a light T-shirt and shorts or sweats along with comfortable shoes. Some people go barefoot on the mat, but that’s a personal decision rather than a requirement.

Why Haven’t I Heard More About Krav Maga?2021-05-19T19:48:16-04:00

Martial arts has been around hundreds if not thousands of years whereas Krav Maga has really only been around since the late 1940’s. This makes it one of the newer types of martial arts, but it’s come more popular with movies like John Wick and others.

Is Learning Krav Maga Hard?2021-05-19T19:47:42-04:00

Krav Maga classes are no harder than taking an aerobics or pilates class in terms of fitness. In fact, our classes may actually be easier than most aerobics classes because we do take short breaks in what we do and for the instructors to teach.

That being said, we have people join us from all fitness levels- from getting winded on the way to the mailbox to world-class athletes. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness level right now. We guarantee it’ll improve as you take more classes.

Actually learning the techniques isn’t hard at all since much of Krav Maga is based on most people’s first instincts. Most new students are surprised at how quickly they pick up the techniques which is a real confidence booster.

What Can I Expect If I Take A Free Class?2021-05-19T19:46:46-04:00

We absolutely love working with new people! You can expect to be greeted by friendly people who proudly talk about our training facility. Our students are what makes it a great place to train.

During your first class, the instructor will lead the class, and you’ll be paired up with one of our student coaches who will walk you through exactly what to do. There’s nothing to prove and no one to impress. We encourage you to train at your own pace, so it’s fine if you need to take a minute to breath, get some water or just watch for a bit.

Most first timers say they walk away with a skill or technique they never knew before which is part of what keeps the rest of us coming back again.

Aren’t Your Students A Bunch Of Badasses?2021-05-19T19:46:19-04:00

Again, yes and no. If you saw any of our students on the street, you wouldn’t give most of them a second glance. Even our instructors don’t look very imposing, but it’d be a bad idea to attack them.

There are martial arts studios around Atlanta that actually encourage egos. We aren’t one of those places at all. The people you meet at Krav Pro Training Center are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We work hard to encourage and help each other.

We can say that all we want, but it’s a truth you’ll have to discover for yourself. Book a free class today.

Is Krav Maga Safe?2021-07-20T12:55:40-04:00

Yes and no. It’s certainly not safe for the person you’re using it on. There’s a reason military and police forces around the world are trained in Krav Maga all around the world, but at our martial arts studio, we take every precaution to ensure slow, safe training. We are whole-heartedly and completely committed to your safety as we train.

Besides training slowly to help students get the techniques down, it’s important to keep in mind that Krav Maga is based on most people’s natural reactions.

Consider what you do if someone tries to punch you in the face. Raise your hands to cover, right? We simply teach you what to do from there to go home safely.

Is it safe to train with us? Absolutely! Our instructors and even our other students take every precaution to ensure we train safely.

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